West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway

West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway is a major east-west highway in Central Florida. It runs from US 17/92 near Kissimmee to U.S. Route 441 at Holopaw, and serves as the main route for travelers heading into the Orlando area from either coast of Florida. The road was named after Irlo O’Neal Bronson, a prominent local businessman who died in 1941 and left an estate fund used to build the highway and other infrastructure improvements throughout Osceola County.

Today, West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway is a heavily traveled roadway that links various cities such as Kissimmee, Celebration, St Cloud, Narcoossee and Kenansville while providing access to many tourist attractions like Walt Disney World Resort hotels and Universal Studios theme park. It also connects with several major highways including Interstate 4 (I-4), U.S Routes 17/92 (US17/92)and State Road 429 (SR429).

The West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway is a major roadway in Central Florida that stretches from Osceola County to Orange County. It was named after the late Irlo O. Bronson, who served as a state senator and representative for the area during his lifetime. The highway is an important part of Orlando’s transportation infrastructure, connecting many of the city’s popular attractions with other parts of Central Florida.

In addition to providing easy access to local destinations, it also serves as a vital link between Orlando International Airport and its major theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, driving along West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway will make your journey smooth and memorable!

West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway

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Q: What is the West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway

The West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, also known as State Road (SR) 535, is a major road in Central Florida connecting Osceola County to Orange and Lake Counties. Originally opened in 1978, the highway was named after Irlo O’Neal Bronson Sr., an influential businessman from Kissimmee who helped to develop much of the area. The highway runs for 17 miles between US 192 near Celebration in Osceola County and US 441/SR 50 at Apopka-Vineland Road in Orange County.

Along its route it passes through several townships including Four Corners, Bay Hill Estates, Buena Ventura Lakes and Hunter’s Creek before ending at SR 429/John Young Parkway just north of Walt Disney World Resort. It serves as an important transportation link for residents living along its path with easy access to nearby attractions such as SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Studios Florida. With multiple lanes throughout most of its length, West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway offers one of the fastest ways to get around Central Florida without having to take busy Interstate 4 or other congested roads during peak times.

It Runs from Osceola County to Orange County, Passing Through Kissimmee, St

Cloud, and Orlando The Central Florida Greenway is a 50-mile stretch of multi-use trails that connects Osceola County with Orange County. The trail was created to provide pedestrians, bicyclists and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts with an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of this region.

This route passes through some of Central Florida’s most scenic locations including Kissimmee, St. Cloud and Orlando. Along the way visitors can enjoy views of wetlands, forests, lakes and rivers as well as a variety of wildlife. The Greenway also serves as an important link between residential neighborhoods throughout the area making it easier for people to get out into nature without having to drive long distances or worry about car traffic or parking restrictions in urban areas.

For those looking for a longer trek there are several access points along the route where you can start your journey or take breaks before continuing on your way. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon stroll or a weekend adventure, be sure to check out all that the Central Florida Greenway has to offer!

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Q: How Long is the West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway

The West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway is one of the longest highways in Florida, stretching an impressive 46 miles long. The highway runs from U.S. 192 in Kissimmee all the way to the intersection of S.R. 60 and U.S. 27 at Holopaw near St Cloud, passing through some beautiful countryside along the way for visitors to enjoy on their journey up or down this major route. Over its length, it passes by a number of attractions such as Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando – perfect if you’re looking for a fun-filled family day out!

It also serves many residential areas including Kissimmee’s Old Town neighborhood and Celebration – making it ideal for anyone who needs an easy commute around Central Florida each day too! With plenty of gas stations dotted along its entire length (including some 24 hour ones), finding fuel is never far away either so you can get where you need to be with ease every time!

Q: Who was Irlo Bronson

Irlo Bronson was an American politician and businessman from Florida who served in the Florida House of Representatives for almost a decade. He also ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1966. Bronson was born on May 3, 1891, near Kissimmee, Florida and attended public schools.

After service with the U.S Army during World War I, he returned to his home state where he established himself as a successful businessman operating several businesses including a lumber business and citrus grove operations in Osceola County. Bronson entered politics in 1954 when he was elected to serve as one of two representatives from Osceola County in the lower chamber of the legislature; he won re-election three times before running unsuccessfully for governor against incumbent Haydon Burns at age 75! While serving as a legislator, Bronson sponsored legislation which provided funding for creation of Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom theme park among other projects that improved life within his district and beyond.

In addition to his political career Irlo Bronson is remembered fondly by many locals throughout Central Florida due to his philanthropic efforts such as donating land so that what is now known as Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway could be completed – connecting Kissimmee with St Cloud – making it easier for locals to travel between town centers along this busy corridor today!. He passed away at age 94 on April 22nd 1985 leaving behind a legacy that continues to impact generations today!

He was Also Actively Involved in Local Politics And Civic Organizations before His Death in 1955

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His Legacy Lives on With This Memorial Highway Which Bears His Name

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His kind spirit touched everyone he encountered and it’s only fitting that he should now remain forever remembered through this stretch of highway dedicated solely to him; ensuring that years after his death, his legacy lives on within this beautiful tribute which will bring delight to travellers for generations to come.


5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, Fl 34746

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This blog post has provided readers with a comprehensive overview of the history and significance of West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. It is clear that this highway has played an important role in connecting people from all over Central Florida, enabling them to travel easily between cities and towns. Beyond transportation, West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway also serves as a memorial for its namesake, who was essential in developing Kissimmee into the city it is today.

As such, it stands as a testament to his impact on the area and serves as an important reminder of his legacy.