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Vivek Rajbahak

A great leader with a great vision, Vivek Rajbahak is passionate about taking SANA to higher levels. He believes that apart from fostering Nepali culture, SANA should also focus on making an impact in the lives of Nepalese back home and the local community in San Antonio. He is always full of energy, has remarkable vocals and plays as a striker for SA’s Yeti FC.

It was not until the age of 8 when I got my first official toy, and it wasn’t my family or relatives who provided it to me. I vividly remember, it was a tourist who was just passing by our courtyard and saw me washing dishes out in the cold… he curiously took a picture of me and there I earned my first official toy! I played with that toy for years and still cannot forget that moment of kindness. Throughout my life, I have been very lucky to have come across selfless individuals who have helped me with resources that I would’ve never been able to access on my own.
I feel that it’s my turn now to help others in need and give back to the society. With this vision that I share with the SANA family, I am very enthusiastic about extending SANA’s horizon!

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