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Vivek Rajbahak

It is an immense pleasure serving as the President for San Antonio Nepalese Association. Since its inception, seeing SANA grow from a new sprout trying to create its identity to the agent that unifies Nepalese at times of need, times of festivity, and times that call for commitment to a good cause – has been truly phenomenal. I am proud about the number of lives we’ve been able to touch through our projects. We have had a successful start although we still have a long way to go in our journey.

I applaud the founding President, Mr. Nishant Hada, for taking the leadership to create SANA. I certainly hope that I make him proud as his successor. I have a vision for SANA – to make it the voice of all Nepalese in San Antonio and beyond, and also, to make it an instrument of positive change in the society.

SANA not only stands as an instrument that caters to the social and cultural needs of the Nepalese community away from home, but it is also an effort to provide a medium for its members to give back to the society. Many of us have been fortunate enough to get good education, have access to good health facilities, a reliable source of income, etc. however, the majority of people living in rural Nepal do not have access to basic necessities. Therefore, SANA aims at helping its members help the needy people back home by bringing different charitable projects that work towards improving their quality of life, by providing education to poor kids, for example.

Members and supporters are what make SANA strong. I want each one of you to feel that you belong to SANA because SANA is here FOR YOU.

Although we may be faced with challenges and limitations from time to time, I want to assure you that, with a dedicated team of board members and well-wishers, SANA will continuously strive towards overcoming these hurdles. Like any organization, we have room for improvements – and we are determined to make SANA more functional, efficient and cohesive.

On that note, I urge all of you to join hands with SANA – let us all double our joys by celebrating our festivals together. Let us teach our kids what a rich story we have to tell. And let’s us all be a part of positive social change!