Fruitport Old Fashioned Days

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days is an annual festival that takes place in Fruitport, Michigan. It celebrates the town’s history and community spirit with a variety of activities. The event features live music performances, food vendors, carnival games and rides, a parade down Main Street, art exhibits, contests and competitions for adults and children alike.

Other attractions include the Fruitport Historical Museum, a car show featuring vintage cars from throughout the area, craft shows featuring handmade items by local makers, fireworks displays to end each night of festivities. As part of the celebration there are also fun family-friendly events like face painting and hayrides. Each year brings something new to discover at this unique festival!

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days is an annual event in Fruitport, Michigan that celebrates the town’s heritage. It features a variety of activities such as carnival rides and games, live music, food vendors, craft booths and more. This year’s festivities will take place on August 14th – 16th with something fun for everyone to enjoy!

Experience the small-town charm of Fruitport while celebrating its history at this family-friendly event.

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days



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When is Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Held

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days is an annual event held in Fruitport, Michigan. The festival celebrates the community’s rich history and heritage with a variety of activities and events. Held every summer since 1975, this beloved celebration is always anticipated by locals as it marks the beginning of summer in Fruitport.

This year, Fruitport Old Fashioned Days will be held from Thursday July 4th through Sunday July 7th at the village green near downtown Fruitport. Attendees can expect to enjoy traditional carnival rides alongside live music performances, classic car showings, antique tractor pulls, craft fairs and much more! There are also plenty of food vendors onsite offering up delicious treats for visitors to enjoy throughout their time at the event.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting for a few days – come out and join us for four days full of family fun during this special occasion!

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days is Usually Held in Late July Or Early August

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days is a much-anticipated annual event held in the small town of Fruitport, Michigan. This popular summer festival usually takes place during late July or early August and draws people from all around the area. The festivity features an array of attractions that appeal to people of all ages such as carnival rides, live entertainment, food vendors serving fresh local foods, and plenty of fun activities for both children and adults alike.

Visitors are also able to take advantage of special sales at participating businesses throughout Fruitport during this time as well. If you’re looking for a unique way to experience traditional Americana culture while enjoying some family-friendly fun in the sun, then be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s Fruitport Old Fashioned Days!


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What Kinds of Activities are Included in the Event

The event will include a wide variety of activities that are sure to be enjoyable for everyone. There will be music and dance performances, art exhibitions, and sports competitions such as basketball and volleyball. We’ll also have campfires with s’mores roasting in the evening, storytelling sessions with local elders, and plenty of opportunities to explore nature trails throughout the area.

Plus, there will be educational workshops on topics such as renewable energy or sustainable agriculture practices. And if you’re looking for something more relaxing, we’ve got yoga classes in the park too! In short –this is an event not to miss!

The Event Includes a Variety of Activities Such As Carnival Rides, Food Vendors, Live Music And Entertainment, Craft Fairs, And More! Q3

The upcoming event promises to be a great time for all! With carnival rides, food vendors, live music and entertainment, craft fairs, and more; there is something for everyone. From the young to the young at heart, families can enjoy a variety of activities that will make this an experience like no other.

Whether you are looking for thrills on the rides or just want to relax by listening to some tunes while enjoying some tasty treats; this event has it all! All ages will have plenty of opportunities to participate in fun-filled activities that promise long lasting memories. So don’t miss out on such an incredible opportunity – come join us at the upcoming event and make unforgettable moments with your loved ones!

Is There an Admission Fee to Attend Fruitport Old Fashioned Days

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days is an annual event that celebrates the heritage of the Fruitport community. Every year, thousands of people come from near and far to take part in this exciting festival that includes carnival rides, live music and entertainment, a parade, games, food vendors and more! And while many events are free to attend during Fruitport Old Fashioned Days, there is an admission fee for some activities.

The cost of general admission varies depending on age – adults pay $5 per day or $8 for both days; children ages 6-12 pay $2 per day or $3 for both days; seniors over 65 get in free with valid ID; and kids 5 & under get in free as well. Additionally, many attractions like inflatables may have their own individual fees. So make sure you check out what’s included before you go so you can plan ahead!

No, Admission to the Event is Free!

Are you looking for a fun and free event to attend? Look no further! We are proud to announce that admission to our upcoming event is absolutely free!

There will be plenty of activities on offer, so come join us at the venue and enjoy a great day out without having to break your bank. With exciting entertainment, delicious food options available, and lots of fun opportunities to interact with other attendees, this is an opportunity not to be missed. So what are you waiting for?

Mark your calendars now and we’ll see you there – don’t forget that admission is completely free!

Fruitport, Michigan 2019 Old Fashioned Days

Fruitport Lions Club

The Fruitport Lions Club is a community organization dedicated to making positive contributions to the local area. Founded in the early 1900s, this club has been providing vital services such as fundraising for scholarships and sponsoring youth activities for generations. They are an integral part of the Fruitport community, holding regular events and meetings throughout the year to help benefit their fellow citizens.

Whether you’re looking to volunteer or support a great cause, consider joining the Fruitport Lions Club!

Muskegon Events

Muskegon, Michigan offers a variety of exciting events throughout the year for residents and visitors alike. From musical performances to art festivals, there is something for everyone in Muskegon! Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural experiences, you can find it all at one of the many events taking place in Muskegon.

With its stunning Lake Michigan shoreline and miles of parks, beaches and trails, Muskegon makes an ideal destination for fun-filled days out with family or friends.

Events in Muskegon This Weekend

This weekend, Muskegon is hosting a variety of exciting events for people of all ages. On Friday evening, head to the Frauenthal Center for a classic rock concert with the band Foreigner. Saturday afternoon will feature an arts and crafts fair at Hackley Park, where local artisans will be selling handmade jewelry and other items.

Sunday morning brings the annual Muskegon Summer Celebration 5K Run/Walk along Lake Michigan’s shoreline followed by free live music performances throughout downtown in the afternoon. No matter what interests you have this weekend, there’s sure to be something fun happening in Muskegon!

Events in Muskegon Tonight

Tonight in Muskegon, there are plenty of fun activities and events to enjoy! From the Farmers’ Market at downtown’s Heritage Landing to the live music performances at The Lakeside Inn, you certainly won’t be bored. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, check out one of the local art galleries or grab dinner at one of the many restaurants along historic Western Avenue.

No matter what your interests may be, there is something for everyone in Muskegon tonight!


Fruitport Old Fashioned Days was a great success! With its variety of activities, including the parade, carnival rides, and live music performances provided something for everyone. It was an enjoyable experience that brought families and friends together to celebrate the town’s history and have some fun.

We can all look forward to next year’s event where we will be able to enjoy similar activities that make Fruitport Old Fashioned Days such a beloved tradition.