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Kopila – Giving the Gift of Education, One Child at a Time


What is Project Kopila?

Project Kopila is SANA’s effort to fund the education of Chepang children in Kanda village of Chitwan, Nepal. SANA teamed up with Laxmi Pratisthan, a non-profit organization, who built Kumar Balram Memorial Hostel in 2015 to educate these children. The hostel is currently providing for 164 children.


Who are Chepangs?

The Chepangs are some of the poorest people in Nepal. They have been facing discrimination and neglect for a long time, and have remained a marginalized and underprivileged community. Due to severe poverty and lack of resources, many Chepang people suffer from malnutrition and most of them cannot read and write.


Why is Project Kopila important?

While many of us have been fortunate to get good education, reliable sources of income, decent homes and access to several facilities, not everyone is privileged. The Chepangs of Kanda village live in a very remote part of the country which is not yet accessible by road – to reach Kanda, it takes 6 hours of uphill climb after getting off a vehicle at nearby Hattidhap. Prior to the construction of this hostel, children would have to walk at least 3 to 4 hours from the village to reach the nearest school. Therefore, the majority of parents were unable to send their children to school.

Project Kopila is an opportunity for these young children to get access to education – a fundamental human right – and also for the entire Chepang community to subsequently step out of poverty.


Why should you participate in Kopila?

Like our own kids, these Chepang kids are bright – full of dreams, filled with the desire to learn new things, and very talented. If given a chance to learn, tomorrow they can grow up to empower their entire community. However, their parents cannot afford to send them to school when they are struggling to provide them 2 meals a day.

This is where you and I – people who have the economic resources – can step in and make a real, lasting difference in the lives of these kids. Each one of us can help these children secure a bright future. What we spend on dinner for 2 people every night can cover the cost of educating a child for a whole month. That’s a small amount for us, but a HUGE gift for them!


How does Kopila work?

Donors can select a child they would like to sponsor, and have the option to contribute a lump sum of $500 or monthly installments of $45 for 12 months. The amount donated goes towards covering the tuition fees, stationeries, food, uniforms/clothes, and accommodation for the selected child for an entire year.

You will be notified multiple times each year with the progress of the child you select to educate. Because of this transparency, it is rewarding to see your direct impact in shaping the future of a needy child.